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We'd love to hear from you if you, or someone you're close to, has been floxed.  We believe that if we join our voices together, eventually someone will hear us and make changes to the way fluoroquinolones are prescribed.  Our hope is that eventually no more unsuspecting people with minor infections will be harmed by these very powerful drugs.

One important reason why you should contact us is because it's not known how many people have been affected by fluoroquinolones.  MHRA (the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority) have told us that they've received over 8,000 Yellow Cards reporting Adverse Reactions to Quins, but that they know only about 10-15% of people adversely affected by drugs use the Yellow Card system.  Our maths tells us that there could be around 70,000 'floxies' out there.  If you're one of them, please do get in touch with us and make yourself known, so that we can begin to keep some real statistics that will show MHRA etc. how serious a problem this really is.

We haven't got a forum on this website but we do have a closed Facebook Group where we already chat and swap information etc.  The Group is called Quinolone Toxicity Support UK, and we politely ask that if you click to join the group, please also email us with some information about yourself such as where you live, how and when you were affected by floxing, what symptoms you've had etc.

To join the group, or just to contact us to say “hello” (not everyone is on Facebook), you can email us using the link below.  Emails are checked twice a day, so you may not get an immediate response, but you will get one soonish.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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